Tan Line Photos.com - does anyone else have a tan line fetish?

If you've been looking for tan line photos, you've probably been looking for a long time. I went looking and I couldn't find anything in the first few pages of google, which is strange. Google usually has everything... they usually figure out which sites have what you're looking for, and which do not. Not in this case. As far as I can tell, no one else out there actually LIKES tan lines. Everyone else is selling "no tan lines" sites and bullshit like that. What the fuck, man?

Sooo, I've done all the work for you. I've purchased enough and taken enough picures of girls with tan lines to last you a decade. I have a free collection of girls with nude and sexy tan lines and bikini tan line babes.

By the way what are we looking for? We all know what breasts look like. Yet some of us pay large sums of money again and again to see topless (tanned or not) women. Why? What do we think they are going to see each time? Are we expecting to be surprised? Do we forget so quickly what tan breasts look like? Is it a quest, like the Search for The Holy Grail? Has someone told us that out there somewhere are some breasts that look different? Are we searching for a particular pair?


Tan Line

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